On my recent trip to India, I had some very interesting conversations with students about the Indian Education system and rode on some beautiful motorbikes. I heard very little praise but a pattern of complaints defined each conversation:

  • Rote Memorisation
  • Copy the Textbook
  • Do not be creative or imaginative – just follow the syllabus and you will ‘pass’

We have successfully turned our schools into factory assembly lines. We view each student as a collection of grades and percentages as this is easier to understand than a student’s dreams or aspirations. We have fed our students a diet of neglect, empty promises and apathy.

We need to fix this.

I am devoting 10 hours per week to help school and university students from any background completely free of charge. We can talk about anything you like:

  • Are you struggling with a concept and want to better understand it?
  • Do you want to meet some more challenging/interesting ideas in Maths and Science?
  • Are you finding the syllabus boring and want to see the intuition + motivation behind what you are studying?
  • Do you need some application advice?

I want to help you.

Suggest a date and time that works for you and I’ll get back to you!